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Wage Claim Law Attorney in Westlake Village, CA

Are you embroiled in a wage claim dispute or wage claim lawsuit in Westlake Village, CA? Contact the Law Office of Anthony S. Khoury for assistance. We have the expertise that you need to come out ahead in any wage-related dispute, whether you're an employer or an employee.

Hire a Wage Claim Attorney

Workers in the state of California all have the right to file a wage claim if their employers do not give them the wages or benefits they are owed. At times, however, lines for fair compensation may become blurred, and one or both parties involved in the lawsuit may be uncooperative or vindictive.

That's why you should hire a wage claim law attorney in place of trying to figure out a lawsuit yourself. An attorney who is experienced in wage claim law in the state of California can help employees who:

  • Get paid less than minimum wage
  • Have not been paid for overtime work 
  • Have received wages late or not at all
  • Have had paychecks bounce
  • Are not allowed to use paid sick leave
  • Have been deprived of meal and/or rest breaks 
  • Have not been provided with access to payroll records
  • Have not received agreed-upon vacations or bonuses
  • Have had unauthorized deductions from their paycheck

At the Law Office of Anthony S. Khoury, we can provide legal counsel and representation for any employee who experiences any form of wage theft.

We can also help employers who are sued for wage theft clear up any misunderstanding that their employees may have had about wages. We will help them combat unfair charges and prove that they are in compliance with wage laws in the eyes of the court.

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At the Law Office of Anthony S. Khoury, we understand that wage claim lawsuits can be stressful and uncomfortable situations. We can help you navigate the process of filing a wage claim, explain your legal options, and represent you in your case. You can be confident that we will give personal attention to your case and work closely with you to make sure that you get the solution that you need.

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